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Bucket List

Mom says that I have a bucket list. What is a bucket list? Well mom says that its things that I want to do before I ‘kick the bucket’. What does that mean, kick the bucket? Is it a game like ‘kick the can’? hhmmmm.

Anyways here is my bucket list:

1. Get picture taken with the following:

  • Bullseye
  • Indy Car Driver
  • In the drivers seat of an Indy Car
  • Colts cheerleader
  • Colts Player
  • Miss Indiana
  • Girls sports team – The Naptown Roller Girls Roller Derby Team – Completed¬†
  • Indiana Politician – Congress Men Andy Jacobs Jr. and Andre Carson
  • Famous local Indianapolis celebrities – Rupert
  • Indianapolis Weatherman Paul Poteet
  • Pet Pals TV host Patty Spitler
  • At the desk of the boss at work
  • Famous Actors/Actresses

2. Be in a movie – The movie Sand Castles

3. Be on TV – Pet Pals and Indy Style TV

4. Meet Hugh Jackman, the man who plays Wolverine whom I am named for

5. Meet Ellen Degeneres

6. Meet a famous rock star

7. Meet Dr. Oz

8. Meet Oprah

9. Get my picture on the cover of Dog Fancy or Bark Magazine

10. Meet Cesar Millan

(Those items that are in bold have been completed)

Should there be anything else on my bucket list? Anyone have any connections? I hope that I can do everything on my list.